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HeroClix at Macquariecon 2009: Australian National Championships

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25th, Oct, 2009 | 01:43 pm
posted by: sim_james in heroclix

HeroClix at Macquariecon 2009: Australian National Championships

Date: Sunday, 13 December 2009
Time: 09:00 - 15:00
Location: Macquarie University, Sydney

   Macquariecon is held over the 11th, 12th, and 13th of December at Macquarie University (in north Sydney, close to Epping). As the first gaming convention to be held after the release of Hammer of Thor in late November, it would be untoward to miss this opportunity to celebrate the return of HeroClix with a Championship tournament open for all comers!

   The Championships will be split into two parts:


HeroClix Preliminary - 300 point Draft

   Draft your team from a random selection of characters made available by the tournament judge. These characters come from a range of new and older sets.

   After team construction the Preliminary will run over two 60-minute games. An award will be presented to the player with the best win/loss and victory point total, and players may keep any figures they choose in the draft. New and returning players are welcome to join in!


   ...followed by:

HeroClix Championship - 300 points Constructed

   Bring your best pre-constructed team to compete for the title of 2009 Australian National Champion! Once the Prelimary rounds are complete, all players who wish to participate in the Championship plays three 90-minute games. If you don't bring your own team, you may use the team you built in the Preliminary rounds.

   The Australian National Champion award will be presented to the player with the best win/loss record and victory point total (including both Preliminary and Championship rounds); additional awards will be presented for Fellowship and Best Comic Team.

   In addition to these trophies, prizes include Thor's Mighty Chariot, Dark Phoenix, and numerous LEs. The Champion receives first choice, but you don't need to come first to win a prize!


Tournament Rules

   The Fantastic Four rulebook and all official tournament rulings as of November 2009 will be used as much as possible. If ambiguities exist, the judge's rulings are considered final.

   Each game will be played to the time limit, which will be varied slightly to avoid clock-watching. Players are encouraged to take their turn in a timely manner. Stalling is not allowed, and may result in the stalling player immediately ending his turn.

   Figures from all HeroClix sets are legal, from Infinity Challenge (2002) to Hammer of Thor (2009). Teams for the Championship round should be constructed prior to the tournament, and must be recorded on an official sheet and submitted to the judge before the Championship rounds begin. All characters, feats, and battlefield conditions must be recorded on the sheet.

   Players who wish to play in the Championship must first participate in the Preliminary. Players who do not have a constructed team prepared for the Championship may use their draft team from the Preliminary rounds for the Championship as well. If a player chooses to use his preliminary round team (with no changes or additions), he may cancel one Battlefield Condition each game.

   Fellowship is awarded on the basis of sportsmanship, fair and friendly play, and contributing to the enjoyment of other players.

   Best Comic Team is awarded on the basis of comic accuracy, attention to detail, and may be supported by bringing a copy of the comic you're drawing inspiration from. This team might be a non-generic keyword team, but this is not required.

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