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News and discussion about the HeroClix superhero miniatures game by WizKids
In a world where the battle of good versus evil still wages on, only you can prevail!

heroclix is the premiere LiveJournal community for discussing HeroClix, a collectible miniatures game produced by WizKids Games. HeroClix allows you to build teams of characters from DC, Marvel, or independent comics, and battle it out! Most of the major characters from the DC universe, Marvel universe, and Marvel Ultimate universe are represented in HeroClix, along with selected characters from certain indy comics (such as Hellboy and Judge Dredd) and the City of Heroes/City of Villains computer games.

Entries about any of the following topics are encouraged:
LiveJournal Etiquette
  • Please put lengthy entries or those with images behind an LJ cut.
  • Please try to use a Subject line for every entry that you post. This makes it easier for people to find interesting entries in the community archives.
  • Posting links to figure auctions is currently permitted, but don’t go crazy linking every single auction you have going. This isn’t a trading forum (HCRealms has an excellent trading forum) and most of us know how to search eBay.
  • As always, keep it friendly! This is an open community (people can join or leave at any time), and entries aren’t moderated. This works because everybody is respectful and knows how to play nice.   :)

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